I have several years of experience caring for and walking dogs.  From an early age, I learned how to train and care for dogs from my aunt, who is a reputable dog breeder. The dogs she trained and cared for have been champions in obedience, therapy, and confirmation. I truly learned from the best. 

I then moved to New York City to complete my education. For two years, I walked and trained dogs through the bustling streets of New York. I also worked at a doggy day care where I would supervise dog social groups of up to 15 dogs at a time. I also administered medications and oversaw feeding for up to 125 dogs a day. And, I even trained the humans about how to walk dogs, supervise the dog social groups, and recognize dog's subtle social cues. 

Although I loved caring for large groups of dogs, my speciality is with providing one on one attention to dogs. 

- Cortney Martin